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  1. So what was that cryptic post by a cardboard bird-head? Here’s the scoop.

    The children and families of the John M. Tobin Montessori School represented the urban animals and plants of Fresh Pond’s woodlands, ponds, and wet meadow in the 7th annual Honk! Parade from Davis Square to Harvard Square on Sunday, October 7th. Our kids and family members marched and paraded on bikes and scooters as red-winged blackbirds, Great Blue Herons (the two oversized backpack puppets were worn by two parents who are sisters!), fish, and bats. One grandma came in her bee costume.

    One student was a meadow vole and another was a pet dog (with a Cambridge license, of course!); We also had a “leaf brigade” who carried flags representing important plants and trees of Fresh Pond Reservation: Milkweeds, Hickories, Maples, Oaks, and Birch Trees, and one child led this, as the Spirit of the Maple.

    Kids from the afterschool program made a huge banner declaring Tobin Loves Fresh Pond that was carried by parents throughout the several miles of the parade route.

    I spent that week madly painting, duct-taping, drilling, sewing, swearing prolifically as I searched for random nuts and bolts, and using all those terrible social media tools to amplify the voice of these Fresh Pond creatures…little humans, and otherwise. Without the other parents who made costumes and channelled elementary-kid energy into honking good fun, we wouldn’t have pulled off our Honk! debut.

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