Happy Park[ing] Day, from a New England City

This just in. Plankton have been sighted on Huron Avenue. Children have been observed observing pond water through microscopes. A new arboreal species has been discovered: the Tree of Really, Really Small, Teeny Tiny Things, whose symbolic foliage depicts the minerals, water, microarthropods, bacteria, and mycorrhizal fungi critical to good tree health. Models of algaeContinue reading “Happy Park[ing] Day, from a New England City”

Park[ing] Day

Enormous, lumpy, bright green spheres—walnuts sporting their whole husk—are littering the byways of Fresh Pond Reservation like a shell midden in the middle of nowhere. Asters are in full flush. A vole was so busy with fall it didn’t bother to hide itself, scuttling right in front of my feet across a wood chip path.Continue reading “Park[ing] Day”