Logan Airport shows the way as snowy owls alight

Amid reports that in the last few days a Snowy Owl has perched at the Boston Museum of Science (on the Cambridge side), easily viewed by passersby, I offer this news on air traffic and owls in one city.

Logan Airport shows the way as snowy owls alight – Metro – The Boston Globe.

Two Natural History Events in Greater Boston coming up on 1/31 and 2/2

Developmental Mechanisms for the Origin and Evolution of Birds
Lecture by Arkhat Abzhanov, Associate Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University

We might think robins are simply a common backyard bird, but actually they represent one of the most unusual, successful, and abundant animals (the order Aves) in Earth’s history. The new science of evolutionary developmental biology (“evo-devo”) sheds fascinating light on the evolution of birds’ highly distinct skulls with toothless beaks, and on how modern birds can generate a seemingly endless array of beak shapes.

Part of the Evolution Matters Lecture Series
Free and open to the public. Geological Lecture Hall, 24 Oxford Street.
Free event parking for evening lectures in the 52 Oxford Street garag

Winter hike on Saturday, February 2nd at the Stony Brook Reservation.

Fox or Coyote Scat, January, Fresh Pond Reservation

BNAN staff, Jessica Mink from the Friends of Stony Brook Reservation and DCR rangers will guide you through the winter landscape. On our hunt for signs of wildlife in winter we will visit a newly planted orchard and explore a new garden site within the reservation. So much to explore and lots of opportunities for wildlife discovery throughout. We will have hot cocoa available at the end of the hike. ,

RSVP to info@bostonnatural.org