Off Trail in the Peppermint Forest

It’s time for me to leave the sidelines. It’s time for slow this-and-that. Slow Food. Slow Families. Slow Medicine, even. Unplug. Be in the moment. Pay attention. But to what? The “movement” to simplify has, in a way, come full circle. I like those nice two-word concepts, above. Actually, two-word concepts is about all I canContinue reading “Off Trail in the Peppermint Forest”

Speaking of Backyards: Environmental Justice on the Lam

Really? Oil waste is exempt from federal hazardous waste laws even when it contains the same contaminants that would otherwise be highly regulated? “You elect officials to protect you and you put laws in place to protect not only individuals but communities. I guess we fell through the cracks,” says one nearby resident, who reportedlyContinue reading “Speaking of Backyards: Environmental Justice on the Lam”