Exploring the Urban Outdoors in Cambridge, Mass.: Events

 BOTANY WALK, April 26, 1 p.m. Botanist Walter Kittredge is conducting a region-wide herbarium project to bring attention to the local New England flora, its presence and value, and is looking closely at vegetation at Alewife Reservation. Walter is Senior Curatorial Assistant at the Harvard University Herbaria, a world-wide research collection of over 5 million dried plant specimens.ParticipantsContinue reading “Exploring the Urban Outdoors in Cambridge, Mass.: Events”

Alewife Reservation Guided Walks

ALEWIFE WINTER WILDLIFE WALKS 2013 of Friends of Alewife Reservation February 16, 1-3 pm. This walk will take us to the less-visited south side of the park to the vicinity of Lily Pond. Along the way we will discuss remediation of the storm water project. We will also observe the strategies of predators and preyContinue reading “Alewife Reservation Guided Walks”