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Events at Fresh Pond Reservation

Nesting Bird Walk at Fresh Pond Reservation
Sunday, June 3rd
8am to 10am
Register for parking and meeting information and for notice of cancellation due to inclement weather
Many birds choose to build their nests and raise their young at Fresh Pond Reservation, because there is an abundance of insect food and plenty of safe habitat. We may hear birds singing their territorial songs and see others gathering food for their hungry babies. Walk leader Nancy Guppy will help us look for Baltimore orioles, yellow warblers, warbling vireos, redwing blackbirds, and other migratory birds which spend the breeding season at the Pond. Beginning birders are welcome! If you don’t have binoculars you may borrow a pair from us. Register with Catherine Pedemonti at
 Sign up to be a puppeteer with a giant local animal species puppet at Fresh Pond Day 6/9 here.
Now in Bloom at Lusitania Wet Meadow
Friday, June 10th
10:30am to 12 noon
Meets at the “Meeting Rocks” (where the meadow meets the perimeter road trail)
Cattails, wildflowers, and song birds, oh my! Come take a leisurely walk with Ranger Jean and learn how to identify the beautiful natural features we walk by every day at Fresh pond. Bring binoculars and magnifying glasses if you have them. To RSVP, please contact Ranger Jean at (508) 562-7605 or email
Seasonal Walkabout at Lusitania Wet Meadow
Friday, June15th
10:30am to 11:30am
Meets at the “Meeting Rocks” (where the meadow meets the perimeter road trail)
Come out for a seasonal walkabout with Ranger Jean at the Lusitania Wet Meadow. We will monitor wildlife by sign, track or presence, and make note of weather, state of plants, condition of water and other abiotic resources. You can help chart the seasonal changes of some of our most active wildlife spots, or simply come to enjoy the walk. Come dressed to be outdoors for the hour. All knowledge levels welcome. We will be walking off-path. To RSVP, please contact Ranger Jean at (508) 562-7605 or email Heavy rain postpones to the following Friday.
Summer Solstice Bird Walk
Friday, June 22nd
6 to 8 pm
Register for parking and meeting information and for notice of cancellation due to inclement weather
If you can’t bear to get up at dawn to look at birds, this evening walk is for you! Just as people take advantage of the longest days of the year to continue their outdoor activities, so do birds: They spend the extra hours of daylight foraging for food for their hungry babies.  Led by Nancy Guppy. Beginning birders are welcome.  We have binoculars to lend and will show you how to use them.  To register and for important meeting and parking information, email Catherine Pedemonti at
Nature Walk
Saturday, June 23rd
10:00am to 11:30am
Meets at Gazebo near Maher Park, 650 Concord Ave.
Join us for a walk through our urban wild. We will explore together the flora and fauna of the Reservation, noting bloom and berry; birds and bugs; and beyond! Feel free to bring binoculars, field guides, a hand lens, journal, camera… or just bring yourself! Beginners are welcome, as are children. Feel free to contact Catherine Pedemonti at with any questions.

Early Summer Scaveneger Hunt: 

 Looking for Life In and Around a Small Pond
Meets at Black’s Nook
Saturday, June 23rd
1:00pm to 2:30pm
This is a drop-in style program, come any time between 1 and 2pm to join rangers in exploring the life in and around Black’s Nook at the official start of summer. Every age can benefit from this guided discovery! Bring binoculars and magnifying glasses if you have them.
 The Owlet Debriefed
Saturday, June 30th
6:00pm to 7:00pm
Meets at the Water Treatment Plant, 250 Fresh Pond Parkway
Maybe you’ve heard the news about Cambridge’s most famous baby bird—the owlet. After a season of intrigue, danger, and drama, all worked out for the best in the natural world. You’re invited to Fresh Pond to hear the story from beginning to end about what truly went on here and how we can balance our curiosity with the needs of the wild. For more information, contact Ranger Tim at



Ongoing Outdoor Volunteer Opportunities in Cambridge

To stay in touch about volunteer opportunities at Fresh Pond Reservation, contact

More opportunities:

The Cambridge Department of Public Works has volunteer opportunities, including landscaping and “adopt a storm drain.”

The Charles River Watershed Association engages volunteers to draw samples, including at Cambridge locations. Click here for information.


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