Honk! for Cambridge Wildlife

Fresh Pond Creatures at the Honk! Parade 2014 Join our Fresh Pond Creatures contingent on Sunday, October 12th. This informal Cambridge community group will march in the 9th annual Honk! Parade, a festival of brass bands from all over the United States. All Cambridge families and individuals are welcome to join Fresh Pond Creatures. Help celebrate the ecosystemContinue reading “Honk! for Cambridge Wildlife”

It’s Midnight. Know Where Your Regional Floodplain Forest Is?

  Addendum 8/6/14: In the post below, I alluded to the long history of the floodplain forest which is likely to be cut down shortly, but I agree with those who have gently suggested I had not effectively pointed readers in the right direction for further information. The Friends of Alewife (FAR) maintains a web site which is the firstContinue reading “It’s Midnight. Know Where Your Regional Floodplain Forest Is?”

Coal Plant Shutdowns: Economic Justice for Communities

On November 12, 2013, I attended the hearing of the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities & Energy at which Rep. Lori Ehrlich of the 8th Essex District testified in support of H. 2935. Here’s my Storify record. Useful Links: State House News Service (Metzger) coverage of event H. 2935 on Legislature Web Site. Rep. Lori Ehrlich: Twitter:Continue reading “Coal Plant Shutdowns: Economic Justice for Communities”

August Update: Nature Programs &Etc in Cambridge

  Saturday AUGUST 10 Dave Brown Wildlife Walk 1-3 p.m. Join Tracker-naturalist David Brown, who conducted a pair of wildlife surveys in the park a decade ago,on a wildlife walk on the North trail of the Alewife Reservation.  No Cost, All Ages welcome. Getting Ready to Honk! 3–5 p.m. Join Ranger Jean Rogers and Julie CrostonContinue reading “August Update: Nature Programs &Etc in Cambridge”

Harvard Forest Seminars

The Harvard Forest has Friday morning seminars,  available streaming. On January 25, the seminar will be given by Danielle Ignace, who studies invasive plants’ complex effects on ecosystems. On February 8th, the seminar  will be given by Michael Reed, Tufts University, on Persistence & extinction of small populations: birds, fish, and Elvis. Here is theContinue reading “Harvard Forest Seminars”

Drink This Pearl

Drink This Pearl

No, this is no Alice in Wonderland admonition.

Among doctors, “pearl” is shorthand for “pearl of wisdom.” The ones that are the most commonsensical are the most valuable. Is Drinking Water Week—we’re in the middle of it right now—something to “celebrate” as its sponsor, American Water Works Association, suggests? The availability of potable water is disastrously inadequate in so many places. I’m not keen on doing much celebrating. I do, however, feel grateful to the people who manage my local watershed; to my Cambridge, Mass. neighbors who don’t pour awful things into the storm drains, and to everyone who stays off the roads and walks or bikes or takes the T and thereby makes non-point-source pollution of the water a little bit better

Drink this pearl—a beautiful rant by Dr. Bernard Lown. Enjoy with chaser of tap water.