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photo of snow day challenge materials

Screen Wise Cambridge’s Snow Day Challenge: February 2, 2015

Make something using these items only:

  • 5-7 cylindrical household objects like cardboard tubes or water bottles
  • 5-7 rubber bands (hair bands are ok), and
  • 5-7 crayons or pencils.
photo of snow day challenge materials

Materials you can use for the Screen Wise Cambridge Snow Day Challenge.

Your creation can be a building, a human or animal figure, an abstract sculpture, a machine, a tool, a poem or story, in fact anything at all! Use the above items only. You can use scissors or other tools as long as you don’t add any additional items. i.e., no tape, no glue! (If you absolutely can’t resist using tape or glue, don’t give up—we’re still interested in what you make, but do try the real challenge first).

Post the photos of your finished creations (and a caption or description) to the Screen Wise Cambridge Facebook page or post them as a comment below. (Be sure to say if you have used tape or glue)

Also post your questions here if you have any. Multigenerational teams are welcome to participate, whether parent-child or not. There are no age restrictions.

Florescence in Translation: Echinacea Purpurea

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Echinacea Close- Up. Creative Commons License: CC BY-SA 2.5. Photo by Bruce Marlin.

Echinacea Close- Up. Creative Commons License: CC BY-SA 2.5. Photo by Bruce Marlin.

I’m trying to bridge real and representation, make the connection between the anatomy of a flower and a human assuming the form of that flower.  But how to make something splendid just as splendid in costume form, rather than degraded?

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Playful Minds, Spring 2013

In the spring edition of the Playful Minds photo series, I’m challenging you to guess where I am (Massachusetts history aficionados, alert!) as well as what I am. Try turning thus into a game of dictionary. What’s in this photo? Imagine, and describe.

Answers to Playful Minds