Participatory Budgeting

The City of Cambridge has launched a Participatory Budgeting Project earmarking $500,000 for citizen-proposed public works. A number of the proposals that have emerged from the process are playground additions or improvements; quite a few suggest traffic-calming and pro-biking infrastructure improvements. I’ve suggested that maximum benefit to the greatest number of children would be the creation ofContinue reading “Participatory Budgeting”

Honk! for Cambridge Wildlife

Fresh Pond Creatures at the Honk! Parade 2014 Join our Fresh Pond Creatures contingent on Sunday, October 12th. This informal Cambridge community group will march in the 9th annual Honk! Parade, a festival of brass bands from all over the United States. All Cambridge families and individuals are welcome to join Fresh Pond Creatures. Help celebrate the ecosystemContinue reading “Honk! for Cambridge Wildlife”