Pick Up Sticks: How Nature Education Gets Its Mojo Back

Some new voices have come in to play. That’s a bad pun but a good thing. They’re from people who are in the outdoors every day with kids. They have a lot to offer parents or afterschool workers like me. Some of us have read Richard Louv and have concluded that our own kids need toContinue reading “Pick Up Sticks: How Nature Education Gets Its Mojo Back”

Of Crows and Kids

“Children are beautifully adapted to learn about many possible worlds.” from The Wisdom of Not Being Too Rational – ScienceNOW. A psychologist at the University of Cambridge who studies bird cognition has looked at how crows solve problems, the latest in research showing they are rather intelligent. Two of her graduate students, Lucy Cheke and ElsaContinue reading “Of Crows and Kids”

Will you be having dental floss with your garlic mustard today, sir?

Kids really don’t want lectures. They don’t want to learn stuff. They do learn stuff, though, because it is in the nature of their being to suck up information like a marsh. Back in the fall of 2012, when I was muddling through the particular big muddy of what to do with a gaggle ofContinue reading “Will you be having dental floss with your garlic mustard today, sir?”

Drink This Pearl

Drink This Pearl

No, this is no Alice in Wonderland admonition.

Among doctors, “pearl” is shorthand for “pearl of wisdom.” The ones that are the most commonsensical are the most valuable. Is Drinking Water Week—we’re in the middle of it right now—something to “celebrate” as its sponsor, American Water Works Association, suggests? The availability of potable water is disastrously inadequate in so many places. I’m not keen on doing much celebrating. I do, however, feel grateful to the people who manage my local watershed; to my Cambridge, Mass. neighbors who don’t pour awful things into the storm drains, and to everyone who stays off the roads and walks or bikes or takes the T and thereby makes non-point-source pollution of the water a little bit better

Drink this pearl—a beautiful rant by Dr. Bernard Lown. Enjoy with chaser of tap water.

Make Confections and Diversions, Not War, for Screen-Free Week.

April 30–May 6, 2012 is Screen-Free Week, an ancient event once you realize its maiden name is “TV Turn-Off Week.” Take it from me, raised from a pup on B&W reruns of Batman, Captain Kangaroo, and My Three Sons. Television and its offspring haven’t done me any good except to expand my lexicon of ChristianContinue reading “Make Confections and Diversions, Not War, for Screen-Free Week.”