Cambridge Outdoors has launched!

I’ve recently overhauled this site to be a resource for families, kids, teachers, and residents interested in exploring the natural world in our small city (or anywhere). The blog portion of the site will continue. Bear with me while additional information about places, flowers, critters, and seasonal changes is being added.

IMG_7874Along with the re-engineered purpose comes a new name—Cambridge Outdoors. There is currently no other single organization or resource where you can find events, information, activities, and news about the habitats (and plants and animals) that exist in the city of Cambridge.  My hope is that Cambridge Outdoors will fill that gap.

Whether it’s outdoor learning or outdoor play that most interests you; whether you need resources for informal learning or for classroom- or OST-based learning; whether you’re a completely newbie to the natural world or a semi-pro at birding, or anatomy, or environmental sciences, I hope you can find something here that’s useful. I’m open to suggestions about content that would be helpful to have on this site. Email me.

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