Wetland Love: A Local Shindig with “The Loomers,” March 1, 2014

I’m passing along an announcement of an upcoming event:

The Coalition is currently challenging a sprawling housing development with nearly 300 units and 600 parking spaces proposed to lie in the middle of the forest and encroaching on the surrounding wetlands.  The mostly upmarket housing development would fragment wildlife corridors and degrade the natural value of the surrounding 120-acre Alewife Reservation.  Friends of Alewife Reservation, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation and local environmental groups are opposed to the development.  It would also adversely affect surrounding neighborhoods by increasing flooding in Little Pond, increasing air and water pollution and increasing traffic congestion as far as the Fresh Pond Rotary.

Expert naturalists, hydrologists, and wetlands scientists supported the 20 faults listed in the Belmont Conservation Commission’s findings against the development.  The Belmont Conservation Commission had  challenged the development from 2007-2013. The Coalition continues to challenge the development.

via Coalition to Preserve the Belmont Uplands – Coalition to Preserve the Belmont Uplands.


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