Kevin Foster

I’m all for reducing our carbon footprints. It’s a metaphor that works well for all ages. I like the extension of the metaphor to tracking in Cycle Style Boston, a blog that profiles bicycle commuters.

Here, akin to a raccoon print in the mud, is another kind of eye candy—the Yellow-Coated Internal-Gear Mathematician. Native to the South, and naturalized in Brookline, this particular specimen is married to my cousin.

Cycle Style Boston


Kevin Foster works as a Survey Methodologist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. His daily commute takes him from his home near Coolidge Corner in Brookline to the Federal Reserve building at Dewey Square. He cycles every day of the year there isn’t ice on the ground. Rather than the direct route through Kenmore Square, he chooses a longer but more relaxing route route through Brookline to near the BU Bridge, where he gets on the Charles River Esplanade bike path towards downtown. Says Kevin,

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